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Monday, March 8, 2010

Holga 135TIM (Twin Image Maker)

ROFL!!! Check this out. You were asking for this. A half frame Holga. Now they are here. Better than any toy half frame camera because it still keep the typical Holga characteristics such as vignette, soft focus, Bulb mode and multiple exposures.

You can choose which side do you want to shoot or take multiple exposure by the clever window switch that looks like an eye :) The 135TIM has another added feature is the 3 aperture settings, Sunny, Partly Cloudy and Cloudy.

Half frame shooting lets you double the amount of photos from a single roll. So a roll of film with 36 exposures will let you take 72 photos!!! :O

Holga 135TIM (Half Frame)
RM260!!! for a complete set (Introductory Price)
also available in Red and Black

Here are some sample results.


  1. Takde lagi sebab kamera baru sangat :) nak try?

  2. tringin sngat3 nk try,,huhu..duit tak mengizinkan bro

  3. cheapest price for sweet cam? =)

  4. huhu. they are the cheapest dy compared to buying separately the flash. separately they are RM230+RM90=RM320. Together they are RM260 :0

  5. Hulo!
    Can this works like Golden Half?
    I mean does it has double function; whether we want it to be half or full frame capture?
    Really interesting since it's way too cheap considered it together come with flash!

  6. You can sort of take full frame but there will be a frame line in the middle of the photo. it is not exactly the same as the golden half, but functionality wise, it has more :)

  7. does the flash fit with any lomo cam that has hot shoe..??

  8. Yes it does. It is basically a 12MFC Holga flash.

  9. great..I'll send you an e-mail for order..


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