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Monday, March 22, 2010

Gakkenflex DIY TLR

Here here! Look what we have here. A DIY toy TLR camera. GakkenFlex, a product by Otona No Kagaku. [大人の科学 (literally means Science for adults) ] Otona no Kagaku is a scientific journal published by Gakken (学研) these issues of the magazines are Launched irregularly, but lately they have been issuing new products every month.

We love it as it has the true focusing window, unlike the BBF which you zone focus and do guessing with the distance. With the Gakkenflex, what you see is what you get. View the sample photos we posted here, taken by our resident 7 year old shooter :P

You can customize the Gakkenflex to your liking. Many mods available on the net.

Each Gakkenflex comes with the Otana No Kagaku magazine.

Gakkenflex TLR DIY Camera
RM(ask for price)

Sample photos taken by us
Fisher Price Old Crocs
Waiting A cuppa


  1. how much is this? i want it sooo badly!

  2. Hi Ayep, please email to us at for best price :)

  3. email me this price at


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