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Monday, November 16, 2009

Holga 135 Series

Package Includes:
- English User Manual
- Lens Cap (where applicable)
- Wrist Strap

Holga 135TIM (Half Frame)
RM260 for a complete set including film
also available in Red.

Holga 135TIM Black set

Special Limited Edition Snow White 135BC
Comes with white lens cap and special hard box
Great for gifts
RM 248!! (Out of stock)

Color 135BC
Color Holga 135BC
Normal White, Purple, Pink,
Red, White/Red, Blue and Yellow and
(Limited Quantity)
RM 180!!!

CMY Multicolor 135BC
RM 200

HOLGA 135BC (Black)
RM 160!!!

Sample photos taken with the Holga 135BC


  1. uish...
    ktner shop ni.
    nk g ar..

  2. wowwwwwwwwwwww nak beli!!macam mana eh???

  3. hi anis, hi atiqah. online shop je. boleh jumpa kat area The Curve Mutiara Damansara untuk beli. Pos pun buleh :)

  4. hi! so glad to find u guys! :D i'm looking out to buy me a holga, but since i'm a noob, i want to find one that uses 35mm films. can u suggest which one would be best for me (with built in flash please). i was interested in the Holga 255 Full Mod 120CFN. do u guys have it? or any equivalents?

  5. do you have this in classic silver or black and white ?

  6. hi Kira. that color combinations are not available for the 135 series.

  7. haritu ada pergi the curve, tapi tak perasan pulak. area mane ni ek?

  8. We do not have actual physical shop, just that we meet our customers for training, cod and chit chat near the curve : )

  9. for the holga135TIM, sekali dengan flash die ke???

  10. hi mafuzah. yupp.. we only sell the TIM in sets. RM260.

  11. hye roflcam! :) ape beza holga 120 series n 135 series ek? im still new in lomo world, which one is easy to use? sbb berminat n ni pertama kali nk bli. bdw this is my email

  12. hi. Can colour flash be attachd to 135bc. And how much would it cost.?

    Im interestd with vignetting, multiple exposure, colour flashed. Which low budget cmra u would recommend?

    Hope u'll help explain. If its ok u can email to me at
    cdang mau beli dari korang. Thanks.


    please email me steps how to buy a Holga 135 TIM

    thanks ^^,

  14. dot, warranty for the Holga is 6 months :)

  15. hai,im bella

    still very new about Holga,but interested in having one.
    Im interested with vignetting, multiple exposure, colour flashed,fisheye.
    been eyeing on Holga k-200n,Holga 120 GCFN,Holga 135bc,Holga 135 TIM,Holga 120 cfn.tapi still tak tahu which one suits me best.boleh tolong explain more and suggest the best?
    email me at
    hope to hear from you soon ^_^

  16. salam , apa beza Holga 135TIM dengan holga 135bc? boleh pakai aksesori macam macro lens tak kalau holga 135TIM tu?
    btw , here is my email..i'm really interested to buy

  17. sy serius minat dgn lomo ni tp xpdai la..bcadang nk ambk holga ni.Agak2 senang x?kalau senang mmg nk ambk kt Roflcam..n nak ambk film sekali ya..

  18. Holga 135TIM (Half Frame)
    itu jadinya harganya brp ?thx

  19. err.. it is written there, rm260 :)

  20. adakah holga ini ada flash dia?
    blh tlg emailkan tentang holga ini?

    ni email sye

  21. hi there.

    holga 135bc black yg rm180 tu complete set ke?

  22. heya. complete set meaning brand new in box. ada lens cap, strap dan user manual. tak masuk flash :)

  23. hye roflcam ! pe beza holga 120 series ngan 135 series eh ? nehh baru first time nak beli.
    sy nehh baru nak berjinak-jinak pasal lomo.
    so, yang mana lagi baik eh ? 120 or 135 ?
    tak pun u suggest kan untuk i dalam banyak2 cam lomo yang mana which is okay untuk freshie mcam i nehh..

    email :

  24. can view the FAQ here :)

    anyways, email replied.

  25. nk beli CMY Multicolor 135BC ni macam mana?

  26. follow this link :)

  27. aipp.. sy nk holga black ni skali ngn flash.... please2.... brape ea? n any tips for doing multi and long exposures?

  28. holga 135bc & color flash 15b available x?

  29. available. email us at for details :)

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. salam. holga135BC black ada lagi x?

  32. wsalam. baru je abis.
    new stock arriving in 2 weeks :)

  33. ;( warna lain pun dh habis gak ke?

  34. skang ada white dan redwhite.
    email untuk details :)

  35. dear camne nak buy Holga nieh?
    I nak holga 135BC White and Red white

  36. hi naza dear. email kitorang kat 135bc redwhite ada stock :)

  37. I'm so interested in this. I'm new to lomography and am looking for a holga to experiment with. What's the use of the flash? I heard it's better to use a tripod and cable release? What are those? Please help me make a choice. Thanks i really appreciate it (:

  38. hi Cheryl. holag 135bc is a great camera to start with. u definitely need the flash if you plan to shoot indoors. the tripd and cable release are mainly to take long exposure shots at night. have you ever seen photos of vehicle light trails? that's by using the cable release and bulb mode method. join our facebook page. we have tonnes of photo samples there :)

  39. hey yang holga 135bc ni dah memang equipped dgn flash ke? i mean like dah takpayah nak beli flash. email me please.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. holga 135bc white-red available lagi x? bpe best price law nak beli skali dgn fisheye/wide lens (pm dua2 hrga) ,color flash, shutter release cable? if xde white-red pon xkisah r mne2 color pon..nak wat bajet dulu..tq..


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